Introducing Hummbi Advertising Distribution

Welcome to the latest advertising innovation to hit the Las Vegas Strip! There is only one goal of our Hummbi Advertising Opportunity--to attract attention for you and your advertising message!

Combining bright backlit signage with the ability to distribute handouts or coupons, Hummbis offer a multi-layered advertising approach that turns curiosity into customers.


Present YOUR Ads on DIGITAL L.E.D. Displays with our Hummbis (human walking backlit billboards) that also include Person-to-Person Handout Distribution.

L.E.D. Boards

Create colorful and bold visual digital loops to introduce your business: 

  • trip screensShows, Tours, Services
  • Restaurants, Attractions, Concerts
  • Food Outlets, Retail Outlets, Sports Events

Promote your special features and offers that stand out in Vegas.

Make an impression on the Las Vegas Strip...
turning curiosity that draws people in and
ensures your special offer will get noticed.